Stylist Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Summerville - South

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Went in today (Saturday) and no wait....I know why. Lady came and took me back and I got in the seat. I wet down my hair before I went so who cut my hair could see how its suppose to look. First question was have you been sweating with a facial reaction ? This was with nothing else wet on my body, no sweat on my face or shirt. I explained why it was wet. Her immediate question was if I wanted it washed before we started? I said no. When I went in I had at least 2 1/2 inch Hair on the side and longer on the top. She cut my hair in a relay with buzzers after I asked to scissor cut. When she was done the sides and back I can barely even pinch some hair. The upper back that was longer than that is also stubble. The top is way shorter when I used to have a head of curls. This all a week before vacation. I have been in several times since I have moved down from Cincinnati where I have never had this. I had waited a long time between haircuts because the last time was to short. Lesson being if you want a fast cut like your a new recruit in line to have ur buzz cut like everyone else in line this place to be.

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